Thursday, December 8, 2011

Your Kids Are Awesome. Really.

You may recall this post. I was very transparent by stating that sometimes I'm really conscious about the fact that I'm a young mother (and a single mother and a Black mother). I was also talking about how sometimes I feel like I need Aiden to be his best self at school because [sometimes] I'm afraid that his teachers will judge us (me). 

Yeah, I'm sure you remember it.

Then you guys joined the conversation. And, in all of your fabulousness, you guys were also transparent by sharing some of things that makes you self-aware. Thank you. 

Well... I'm happy to report that a few days after writing that post, I had a meeting with Aiden's head teacher and she had nothing but great things to say about the kid. He's doing exceptionally well in Pre-K, both academically and socially. He's above average in many areas and well on his way to being a strong reader. I already knew this, but getting the affirmation and confirmation from his teacher was the icing on the very delicious cake. (Sometimes little affirmations work wonders, no?)

What A Happy Kid!
So excuse me while I get down with my bad self and do the running man or some other cool dance. I have nothing to worry about (for now) because, well, my kid is some kind of awesome.

And so is your kid. 

Each and every one of you has a too-awesome-for-words kid. Really. So I'll excuse you while you get down with your bad self and leave a comment sharing something awesome about your kid.

Go on, brag about them. They deserve it.


  1. What great news and yes your boy is awesome! What is so awesome about Mia at the current moment is her forever love for books and reading that has now turned into her attempts at reading to me. I love it and it makes my heart melt. Just did the running man! :)

  2. That's such good news! I'm very happy for you :)

  3. I'm very happy for you...I also know that my kid is advanced in many areas but whenever I run into a pediatrician at a meeting or at church and they are impressed at how much advanced she is for her age ...I smile and when I get in my car ...I sing our awesome song with her lol...thank God for children! :)

  4. This is fabulous news. I share your concern Sometimes I'm a bit paranoid when I read of the African-American achievement gap, trying all that's within my power to not let that happen to my daughter.

  5. Go Aiden!!! It goes to show that you are doing an AMAZING job with him. You absolutely should brag as much as you can. I am getting ready to write a series of "braggin about the babies" posts coming up very soon. I too am a very PROUD mom :)

  6. Go head and brag, girl! He is pretty awesome. My little man continues to make me proud. I learn something new about him everyday the continues to amaze me.

  7. Go Aiden, Go! My kids surpise me all the time. I was trying to read slowly and pronounce each word while breaking it down for my little one. Umm...she already could read the words!

  8. Man, oh man, that kid has a smile on him!!

  9. Yeaaaahhh!!! So glad that Aiden got an AWESOME progress report at school. Doesnt surprise me at all. He's got an awesome mom!

    Im really excited that Chase has picked up the alphabet so easily. He's already learned all the Upper Case letters A-Z, which was my goal for before he turned 3, and we're now starting on the lower case letters. Im just happy that HE is excited about learning, and that i dont have to sit and force it on him. Yaaaay!

  10. Congrat's to Aiden! Way to go mom! Job well done!

  11. I am definitely a fan of Aiden! You are doing an incredible job, congrats! There is no better news than hearing your child is amazing from someone, it's about time the world knows what you knew from he was in the womb.

  12. Congrats to Aiden and to you. I am also very concerned about education and progress for my daughter. So much so that I just had a meeting with an educational consultant to ascertain my school options... sigh. I feel so overwhelmed by the NYC school system and the public schools in my area are not the best. But you know what - when the parent cares it shines through. Cheers to you!


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