Friday, December 23, 2011

Glam Ways to Beautify Your Holidays with Duane Reade

Beauty addicts, boy have I got news for you! And it'll be sure to help you get your beauty fix just in time for a glamourous holiday. Pinky swear on it.

This week, I was invited to represent Collective Bias (#CBias) by visiting Duane Reade (#DReade) in order to take a peek at their LOOK Boutique, aka the new Mecca for all Beauti-licious folk. I was pretty excited to attend this glam event, which was hosted by the lovely Big City Moms. So much so that I rushed out of work at the appointed time and headed to the upper east side -- 86th and Lexington, to be exact. The LOOK Boutique is located on the store's second floor and it does NOT disappoint. Since it features some popular high-end products, the LOOK Boutique has a very Barney's-eque feel, but without the Barney's price tags, if you know what I mean.

After learning about Pur Minerals (made with all-natural products and minerals) and POP Beauty (a sure rival to Essie and OPI, in my humble opinion), I was able to meet with a consultant and test out different mascara and eye shadow. Talk about beauty heaven!

Since I'm on the hunt for a New Years Eve makeup look (this delicious single mama has got to look HOTT), I was quite giddy to learn of ways to spice up my already festive outfit (pictures to come, but I will be rocking a gold mini-dress, black tights, sexy heels, and a red clutch).

So here's the deal: it's looking like the nail polish will be from POP Beauty's nail glam collection. Maybe in a red? Thoughts?

I'm doing a smokey eye because, well, that's just dramatic and fabulous and I'll have the perfect gel eyeliner to make my eyes pop. I'm also thinking about lash extensions for the special occasion of ringing in 2012. Amaze? I think so!

{Smokey Eye Day to Play Clutch}

Overall, I think the event went off without a hitch. I was happy to learn that the already popular city drugstore has now added more reasons for city dwellers to love it -- a glamorous beauty department. Shop for trendy beauty products while picking up diapers and cleaning supplies? Don't mind if I do! Not only was the event loads of fun, but I was also able to put together my NYE look, which is like, totally important.

For more information, visit the Duane Reade website, follow them on Twitter, or find them on Facebook.

Thanks so much to Big City Moms for hosting such a GLAM event!

{Disclaimer: This post is sponsored and this shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. (#CBias #DReade). Event attendees received a gift bag. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


  1. I loved the POP beauty and Pur Minerals line - so nice we can find higher end beauty products in Duane Reade!

  2. How fun! I havent been in a Duane Reed in a while (only because its not the closest drug store to my job) but seeing this beauty section definitely makes me wanna pay a visit to one stat.

    P.S. Your NYE outfit sounds so dope - cant wait for pics!!!

  3. the nail polish colurs are soo fun! Enjoy your Christmas wtih Aiden!

  4. I recently went to the Look Boutique too and couldn't believe how many great products there were. I was a big fan of all the sparkly POP nail polish too.

    Can't wait to see your New Year's glam!


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