Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{LittleMissMatched} Instilling Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

I'm not the mother of a girl. Yet. (When Mr. Right and I find each other, you best believe I'm gonna try for a girl. But I digress...)

I certainly know the importance of teaching young girls how to respect themselves and understand their worth. It's something that'll follow them throughout their teenage years and beyond, and the results of low self-esteem or forgetting one's worth can be detrimental. Trust me, I KNOW. (Something I learned the hard way.)

That's why I was so happy to work with the folks over at the LittleMissMatched offices a few weeks ago for their Back Stage Pass event. A group of Bloggers came together with our tween girls (I "borrowed" my niece) and discussed all things tween fashion. We were also able to get the scoop on what goes on the behind the seams (pun intended).

{Aiden and my niece, popping popcorn like it's
nobody's business}

{Creative Brainstorming}

{Creative brainstorming by the months}

{VoilĂ --  A super cute dress!}
LittleMissMatched is a brand that inspires creativity, embraces individual style, and celebrates self-expression. What started out as three single socks in one pack... that do not match, is now an incredible phenomenon. LittleMissMatched is doing with socks what Nike did with sneakers and what Starbucks did with coffee, and the results are pure genius!

Not only can you wear your mix-matched socks with style, but you can also rock their women and tween apparel ranging anywhere from tights and leg warmers, to stylish tops, skirts, dresses and bags. I love the spunky-ness off it all.
At the event, the tweens were seriously in Fashion Heaven as they were able to raid the LittleMissMatched closets, put together their favorite pieces, and rip the runway in a "Fashion Show" for all of us. That part of the event was so dope! But, even better was seeing their eyes sparkle and their faces light up. My niece, who is typically shy and reserved, totally worked it! So did all the other young girls. And it's because we allowed them to be themselves. "You be YOU," is a one of the LittleMissMatched mottos -- a very fitting one at that. It's truly amazing and inspiring what young girls can do when we allow them to shine. Great things can happen, and usually does. 

This Friday, October 21st, LittleMissMatched is celebrating National "Rock Your Socks" Day, a day in which there are no rules and anything goes, socks wise. Kids of all ages (1- 101 years old) will be freeing their feet and rocking their crazy socks as a symbol of creativity. You can mix-match with patterns (polka dots and stripes) or with fabrics (cotton and silk). A photo contest will be held on the LittleMissMatched Facebook page and all are welcomed to participate. I'll be rocking a pair of their warm and fuzzy socks that are so soft, they feel like my feet are on marshmallows. But without the stickiness.

"3 socks. 2 feet. 1 YOU."

So go ahead... "style your SOLE" and rock your socks!

{Disclaimer: Event attendees (tweens and adults) received a gift bag. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


  1. This sounds like a great event! I wish I owned some sock... outside of gym socks. Lame, I know. :)

  2. Empowering young girls to have self confidence and be creative...I absolutely LOVE IT! I will be wearing my mismatched socks this Friday!

  3. I love the post! My tweenish (10yrs) girl loves wearing mismatched socks. It shouldn't be too hard for me to find a pair too. thanks for the post!

  4. @Cam -- Ha! So funny. I have way more tights/leggings than I do socks so I totally "get" it.

    @Nikki and Kathleen -- Yay! I'm so happy you'll be on board. It's gonna be great!

  5. What a great event! So fun and positive. Gosh, I wish I'd had a "Tween" to bring. :-)

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