Friday, October 14, 2011

Bravo's "Mad Fashion," Ruthie Davis, and Mommy Delicious... All In One Night!

Have you tuned in to Bravo's latest show, Mad Fashion yet? It airs on Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT and is filled with tons of eccentric designs for high profile clients sprinkled with... a little bit of drama. It wouldn't be reality TV without the drama, right?

Cast of "Mad Fashion"
To celebrate the premiere of Mad Fashion, there was a groovy little party in NYC at the Yotel. And since I'm always up for a good time, I was there in a NY minute. Not only was I able to chat-it-up with Chris March himself and get some great advice for moms wanting to stay fashionable and trendy, but I was also able to mix and mingle with Shoe Designer, Ruthie Davis, who is featured on the show as one of Chris' clients.

{Photo Credit: Creme Magazine}
She's so cute and sweet and chatting with her was such fun! And the shoes... WOWSA!

Here's a snippet of our interview:

Mommy Delicious: Ruthie, you look absolutely fabulous!
Ruthie Davis: So do you!
MD: Aww, thank you. Seriously, you've got fierce and sexy down pat.
Ruthie Davis: Oh, thank you! Ditto!
MD: I have to ask, Ruthie, who are you wearing tonight?
Ruthie Davis: This dress is by Maven, I don't know if you saw the back of it. (I did. And I LOVED it!)
MD: Ruthie, I love the edgy, fashion-forward, and no-explanations-needed heels that are Ruthie Davis... what can we expect to see this season?
Ruthie Davis: Fall 2011 has already hit stores, and people tell me "Oh the platform is going away," and I say "Oh no, they're getting higher." I've got 6-inch heels, I've got platforms with point toes... I continue to push the envelope on color, on new shapes, on new hardware. I'm kinda known for the studs, but I'm doing them in new ways and new colors. So I'm always gonna have new things that you've never seen before. That's kinda my thing.

Sweetness! Have you gotten your pair of Ruthie Davis heels from this season yet?!

For the party, I donned a horizontal ruffled yellow mini-dress with a black sash from H&M. I was a little skeptical about the dress because ruffles scare me sometimes (just a lil bit), but this was fun and flirty so I think it went off without a hitch. Thoughts?

And how about these Steve Madden sexy peep-toe black heels? With the three bows lining the front of the shoe and the chic suede, they are 5-inches of pure perfection.

Also in attendance that evening was John Legend and his girlfriend Chrissy Teigen, the entire cast of "Fashion Hunters" (which airs on Tuesdays at 10:30pm, after "Mad Fashion"), Jene Luciani, and Tracey Stern, amongst others.

How cute are John and Chrissy?!
Cast of "Fashion Hunters." L to R: Tara Muscarella, Karina Lepiner,
Ambria Miscia, Wilson Payamps
What a fun premiere party! Check out my full re-cap of the event over on Momtrends!

{Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post.}


  1. sounds like fun. and you're looking good girlie!

  2. I LOVE your outfit (pale yellow is quickly moving to the #1 spot for my favorite color) and the peep-toe shoes - HOT! What a fabulous event and i really enjoyed your interview. Get it girl!

  3. Alicia- You look so lovely in that yellow dress! Great fun!

  4. Love those shoes! I saw the episode where Chris made that dress with heels on them, he is super creative! U look fab as always!

  5. I really want to see that show but I'm never around when it is on. You look good.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I am a "Bravo head" so I will be tuning in. You are looking fly as always, i love the pop of color and of course nothing beats a fab pair of stilettos.


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