Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happily Ever After...

In the midst of my super busy life, I am so happy to be adding one more thing on my plate. I've been chosen to be a monthly contributor over on The Young Mommy Life, a great cite for young mamas everywhere and one that truly speaks to me.

This month, I'm introducing myself to the readers in true Cinderella fashion. Sorta.

Head on over to find out exactly what I mean. And thanks SO much for all the support!


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to follow you over at The Young Mommy Life.

  2. Go, Alicia! Go, Alicia! *insert picture of me doing the running man* I'm so happy you're writing for The Young Mommy Life! It's gonna be GOOOD!!! :)

  3. Super photos--love the one with you and Jessica + Ali.

  4. Big things are happening for you dear. I'm elated that your presence is growing here on the web. This is your moment to contine inspiring others mom. I know I've been encouraged :)

  5. Congrats!! Heading over there to check it out.

    p.s. You're awesome. :)


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