Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at

Ya'll know that I love to bring you awesome reviews and talk about the best experiences on this here place and space, right? Make no mistakes about it, if I think something is worthwhile, I'll talk about it on this blog. This blog is our platform so why the heck not, right?

Well, when I was approached by the blogger outreach coordinator from EdenFantasys to review their website, I must admit that I initially hesitated. Possibly because I thought of it as a sex cite and said to myself, how on Earth am I going to write about sex?! 

I mean, I'm single, I've been through hell in my last relationship, and there are no potential prospects in sight. None. At. All. What could I possibly say about my jazzy sex life, or lack thereof?

But, in an effort to experience a little more and move out of my comfort zone, I perused the EdenFantasys website and totally found my niche.

The EdenCafe blog is where it's at! With topics ranging anywhere from health and body image, relationships, and sexuality, there are so many good posts by real people who desire to not only bring the sexy back, but preserve the sexy as well. Like me. Like you.

This post that talks about visualizing your life with the body you want, speaks to me. What better way to feel sexy and confident?!

And this post about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people... hello! Is the author reading my mind or what?

So maybe my sex life isn't all that jazz -- yet! -- but until then, there's always the EdenCafe blog to help me bring sexy back. And there's always these cute little lingerie pieces and sensual oils, lotions, and candles to help me preserve the sexy. All the way, baby!

So, delicious folks, I invite you to visit the EdenFantasys website with me so that you can find creative ways to bring sexy back because, based on your overwhelming responses to this post that I wrote a while back, we ALL love ourselves enough to preserve the sexy!

And that's gotta be empowering.


Disclaimer: In an effort to bring my sexy back, I'm receiving a gift card from EdenFantasys in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own. Yes, even those about my lack of a sex life and no prospects in site. 


  1. Thanks Alicia! I have to check out the know I am all about bringing my sexy back!

  2. Enjoyed the post! Not sure if I have the energy or time to bring back sexy, but I would like to improve how I enter into the world each day. Most days I just have enough time to throw on some sweats and get out the door. So, I will follow in hopes to improve my daily appearance to nice.

  3. Love the post! I am single too and I need and want to bring sexy back...hoping "mr right" comes along soon.

  4. See, girl, I told you! They have a bunch of stuff that's awesome! Trust me...LOL

  5. You go girl! Get that sexy back! In all honesty, though, I need to get my sexy back. Must go check out the website now!!

  6. A great post and reminder for those of us that have forgotten what sex is! :)

  7. What a great post! Sexy? Me? Well, if you say so! :) Gonna check it out TODAY!

    I'm your newest follower..found you on Loving Me Unconditionally (love her!).

    When you have a minute stop by and say hello!
    Her Cup Runs Over

  8. Such a cute post!

  9. I am definitely checking this website out. Lol, there is always room to improve! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I'm good at being sexy for me until my royal moment :)


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