Monday, February 14, 2011

A Few Blogs To Love

It's the month of l-o-v-e and I figured I'd share some of the blogs that I love with you, the readers that I love. This is by no means a comprehensive list because I love and read many GREAT blogs by GREAT people -- just check out my hot list to your left. Here, I'm just highlighting a little of the greatness from my blog list.

The Young Mommy Life is hands down one of the best places on the Internet for a young mother to hang out. Sometimes I feel like that blog was specifically created for me. Tara's words have a way of jumping off the page and speaking to readers. She is so supportive that she took a chance on me and allowed me to write my very first guest post a mere weeks into my blogging debut. I mean, she didn't even know if my subjects and verbs agreed, and yet she wholeheartedly accepted me as part of her community. Amaze! Since then, she's given me the opportunity to write other posts for her site (check out my press page). She is an inspiration to all. I look up to her, and I'm older than her and taller than her. Yea... she's THAT awesome.

Loving Me Unconditionally is a new blog, but wowza! Only a few posts in and this mother has me thinking deep thoughts. She was once a young mother. And a single mother. And now she is happily married and living her dream life. But as she honestly states on her blog, it wasn't easy getting there. At 41 years young, she's not only bringing sexy back, but bringing on the divaliciousness... full force. Her story is truly an inspiration that after disappointments and let-downs, life can go on.

The Stroller Ballet is where Sarah writes honestly about motherhood and raising her bi-cultural toddler daughter. After reading her blog and getting to know her on Twitter, I've gotten to converse with her in person at a few events. She is so passionate and pure, just lovely. And she's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside... and as her beautiful writing portrayed in her blog posts.

Now let's talk glamour, shall we?

Glamamom is simply a breath of fresh air. Living in NYC and a self-proclaimed, "Jill of all trades" and "badass," this lady is incredible. She's like the popular girl in school that everyone loves and wants to be around. Her spunky personality shines through in each and every one of her posts. In fact, after reading her blog for some time, I felt like I knew her. Then I met her in person, and now I LOVE her! Since then, we've chatted at several events here in NYC. It's always great to see her and read her new posts. The content is always fresh and hi-la-ri-ous. Plus, where else am I going to find out the latest fashion and beauty finds from a hott NYC mama? Go ahead... I'll wait for an answer.

The beautiful girls over at The Glamazons are not Mothers. But they are fierce and fabulous. This is my go-to blog for all things beauty, fashion, style, and entertainment. Ferocia holds down the beauty fort, while Courtora always brings her best fashion picks. And together, I believe they're gonna take over the fashion and beauty world. In gorgeous outfits, stellar make-up, designer bags, and four-inch heels. Oh yea, and an educational background that'll knock your socks off! I live vicariously through them. Visit their site and you'll see why.

And last, but not least, all the single ladies... Put ya' hands up!

A Day In My NYC chronicles the life of Patty, a single gal in arguably the best city in the world. She's ready to find Mr. Right, but the journey hasn't been an easy one. At all. her posts about dating are sweet and funny. And makes you wonder, "did he REALLY say that?" A single gal can't make these things up. When she's not writing about her dating hits and misses, she talks all things NYC. You gotta love it!

Stay tuned as I highlight more blogs to love. That's right, it ain't over yet. I'm definitely gonna continue with this over the next few months because this post needs a part 2... and 3... and 4... you get the point.

Happy Reading! And Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. You are so sweet, Alicia!! And just as passionate and beautiful in real life, as well! I am so glad we've had the opportunity to meet in real life. Thank you for including me on this list...I am incredibly honored to be in such amazing company!! Love you, girl! xx

  2. Alicia, you are so awesome! Thank you for all your sweet words and for this beautiful blog love! Happy Valentine's Day my dear friend! I wish you all the happiness in the world. To me you are an inspiration :) Hugs!

    I am looking forward to checking out the fab blogs on this list! You already have two of my favs up there...I feel the same way about Jill & Sarah! :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out

  4. Alicia,

    "Divaliciousness!" I love it! Thank you so much for including me on your blogs to love and thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging! You are an inspiration to so many people...young and not so young! Love ya!


  5. I agree with Kim - thanks for the suggestions!

  6. Great blogs - thanks for featuring them!

  7. Alicia thank you foe the blog recommendations! Single moms unite! We are doing the damn thing! Thanks for your support Sis!

  8. These are some really great blogs. Ilearn a lot from many of them. I am so glad that I found this post. Keep up the good work!


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