Saturday, December 25, 2010

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Hey Lovelies!

Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for this community here on this small place and space on the Internet. Although Mommy Delicious has not been around the blogging block for that long, each and everyday, you guys prove to me just how powerful an online community can be.

Thank you.

In addition to being thankful, I've also learned to laugh at many things. Like, Aiden's picture with Santa this year. It was more than a bit more successful than last year's picture. Just take a look.



I am also thankful for joy and happiness. I've come a long way this year, and through it all, I've learned to smile. And appreciate my blessings. And love life for what it is.

So, from my heart to yours, from my home to yours, I hope your Holiday season is filled with laughter, joy, love, peace, happiness, and God. After all, when it comes down it, does anything else even matter?

Probably not.

Happy Holidays!

{As you can see, I totally used Aiden's picture with Santa for one of the two cards we sent out this year. Cheers!}


  1. What beautiful Christmas photos with Santa! Happy Holidays to you too!


  2. beautiful, beautiful!! Have an amazing holiday with Aiden!!

  3. ha ha! a definite improvement! merry christmas!!

  4. Those pics came out Great! Hope Santa was good to Aiden, Happy Holidays Love!

  5. just found your blog...cute santa...

  6. Merry Christmas to you! I love your cards and Aiden is such a cutie!
    Definitely a better year with Santa :) the 2009 picture is PRICELESS!

  7. Thanks for all the Holiday wishes everyone!

    @Jill and NYCPatty: YES!!!! This year was a big improvement. But last year's picture makes for a good keepsake.


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