Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rockefeller Center: A Magical NYC Holiday Hotspot

Hey Lovelies!

New York City is simply magical and gorgeous during the Holidays, even for native New Yorkers who "see it all the time."

And while I had a million and one other things to do yesterday, I put them aside, bundled my Aiden up, and took him to experience the magic in Rockefeller Center. After all, work can wait, but memories will last a lifetime.

The 75-foot tree that is illuminated by 30,000 environmentally friendly LED lights was surely a sight to see. I think it gets more and more amazing every year.

And let's not forget the Swarovski Crystal Star that crowns the tree. Breathtaking!

Aiden loved the ice skating. He even chuckled a few times when someone fell down insisting, "they're not being careful!" Oh Aiden.

It's impossible not to embrace the magical feeling and fully experience the season -- even for a native New Yorker, like myself.

Can you see us, hidden under all our winter gear?

Of course, we had to take a trip to the Lego Store because Aiden is a big legos fan.

As soon as he spotted a helicopter and truck set, he picked it up and practically begged for it. When I said that we weren't buying it, he did this:

Little does he know, I ordered that exact set two weeks ago and it's already wrapped and under our tree. I guess he'll be surprised on Christmas. You know what they say, great minds think alike.

The crying didn't break his Holiday spirit though, because when we got outside, he cheerfully placed his donation in the Salvation Army basket that pops up all around NYC this time of year. I tried to get a good shot of Aiden's generosity, but all I captured was this:

and this:

Guess I should keep my day job. But, at least I got a shot of him ringing the bell after making his donation. Sorta.

Afterward, we were off to lunch, and Aiden couldn't resist making funny faces as we waiting for our meal to arrive. Check him out in one of the many shots that I took.

He did manage to smile and say cheese in one shot, which was just lovely.

We had an amazing time. Just us two. And with each passing activity and each special occasion, I'm coming into my own. And I'm learning more and more how to embrace the joys and fabulousness of single motherhood.



  1. Next Christmas, I will be loading up the fam and we're making a trip up to the NYC to be apart of all the magic. Plus, I'll have an excuse to get in some good shopping. LOL. So, glad to hear that you are coming into your own as a single mom. There's nothing like finally reaching a place where you're comfortable and satisfied with your current situation.

    Happy Holidays to you and Aiden!!!

  2. I love that city has so much to do around the holidays. How sweet you taught your son to give. Awww

  3. Fingers crossed that mini-me & I will visit NY in the winter. I love this post with the family photos. Aiden is sooo adorable. Keep snapping & capturing those memories someday he'll be my son's age & sigh everytime you whip out the camera, lolol.


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