Friday, September 4, 2015

Baby Delicious Is A...

Me, being the Perfect Attendance Fairy Princess at work!
Baby Delicious enjoys these good times!

Aiden: She's kicking and moving a lot in there.
Me: Why do you keep calling the baby a "she"?
Aiden: I dunno. I just think it's a girl.
Me: It's not. It's a boy.
Aiden: Oh good... then I don't have to scream. (Refer to this post to get some background.)
Me: I guess not. But... I wouldn't mind having a girl this time.
Aiden: Because you already have a boy, right? And what are you gonna do with another one? Right?

A few hours later...
Aiden: I'm gonna teach him how to play with my DS.
Me: I don't think he'll be quite ready to play with your DS when he's born.
Aiden: Yeah... he'll just sleep and cry.

A few hours later...
Aiden: Mommy, what will you do if you have a fire drill in your school and you forget the baby in his stroller?
Me: Why would I forget my baby? I'll have the baby with me. I'll carry it.
Aiden: You can't carry the baby around the school and go into classrooms with the baby.
Me: Why?
Aiden: It's too distracting!
Me: Aiden... I wouldn't bring my baby to work.
Aiden: Then where would you put it?
Me: In daycare! Or with a babysitter! What'd you think I did with you when you were a baby?!
Aiden: I dunno! I don't remember!

I think I'm in for double the fun with two boys. Can't wait to meet Baby Delicious!


  1. yaaaaay!! CONGRATS! Can't wait to see how A is as a big brother

  2. Sounds like Aiden can't wait to meet his baby brother! I love how concerned and inquisitive he is already. Reminds me of Moo when I was pregnant with JJ.

  3. Congrats!!!! He's going to be a great big brother! :)


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