Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{Personal Style} Striped

I have a new favorite dress. It's gray and comfortable and sophisticated and hugs me in all the right places, in a quite conservative way.

I paired it with a bold statement necklace, stacked bracelets, and an over-sized ring, because accessories make every outfit better, right? Right. 

I knew this dress would be great with a jazzy pair of pumps because when I turn around, this dress is fun. And striped.

Magenta striped. Delightfully striped. Deliciously striped!

Matter of fact, I think the magenta stripe is my favorite part of the dress. It's just so whimsical and fun. And kinda sexy.

Hope you all are having a great week. Stay stylish!


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  2. Gorgeous dress! Love the surprise pop of color from the magenta stripe in the back.

  3. Your look is fantastic! It is classic but at the same time very bright and fashionable. I will go to website to by common shoes for my next Friday look.

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