Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bello Mania at the New Victory Theater

Aiden and I can't get enough of The New Victory Theater! I mean, where else are we going to go to see a live show that we both will enjoy, meet cast members, and get autographs?!

A couple weekends ago, we were invited to see Bello Mania, and since Aiden's a huge fan of circus tricks, I knew he'd have a great time. What I didn't realize is that we were in for the time of our lives... and we were going to feel right at home at The New Victory Theater.

Since we went straight from Aiden's swimming lessons to the theater, we arrived a bit early for the show, but were still welcomed with smiles and waves. We've participated in a few New Vic workshops this 2013-2014 season as well as attended a variety of shows at the theater. During our trip to see Bello Mania, I realized just how much Aiden is recognized by many of the workers -- so many of them greeted him by name and they were all super warm and friendly!

Now... about the show.

It was really delightful! Hosted by Matthew Morgan, who is guised as super nerdy -- and funny! -- the first half of the show provides audience members with Bello's family history as well as a brief synopsis of the many circus acts Bello has taken part in. The entire time, Bello engages in hysterical trampoline antics, rides on the world's smallest bicycle, and gets involved in way too much mischief.

Aiden and I literally could not stop laughing during Bello's trampoline act, and we sat on the edges of our seats as Bello rode on the micro bike, because, of course, we thought he was going to fall. We had no faith in him. Shame on us!

The second half of the show included the audience in a pretty dope way. If members weren't called on stage to play a game of musical chairs, they were contestants in a game show, in which the winner got a five-hundred-dollar... bill! And, of course, as with any Bello show, the audience member always wins. Ha! Then, there was the final act, in which Bello climbed the ceiling-high lamppost in order to rescue an audience members' balloon. Witnessing that was... everything!

It's not an explanation... it's an experience!

And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, as were walking out of the theater, we sung, danced, and clapped along to Pharrell's Happy. All the while, all I could think is one thing: Any show that ends with Pharrell's Happy is a hit in my eyes! 

Bello Mania will run at The New Victory Theater through April 20, 2014. The show is 90 minutes with one intermission and is great for children and adults alike. Balcony seats prices start at just $14. Visit the website for more information or to purchase your tickets!

{Disclaimer: I received tickets to Bello Mania in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

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