Monday, July 22, 2013

As Parents, This is Our Charge

When things in life happen that I can't make sense of, it usually leaves me stalled and confused for some time. I think. I come up with answers or explanations. I'm not happy with those answers or explanations. I think some more.

But I never seem to get that complete satisfaction that I'm looking for.

Longing for.

This has been the issue with the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case. I try not to get too political on this site, and this is certainly not a politically-charged post, but I must say that I'm still trying to make sense of my feelings about the outcome of the case and it's implications for Aiden. 

And for young boys.

And for young brown boys.

But in the midst of being confused and trying to make sense of things and how I will take part in making a difference and being an agent of positive change, I look over at Aiden.

And he's smiling. He's so full of energy and joy and curiosity. (And sometimes he whines a little too much.)

His smile makes me smile. And it warms my heart.


Then I remember that I am blessed beyond measure. Even in the midst of confusion, even in the midst of "feeling stuck," even in the midst of my feelings about the outcome of the case.

I am blessed. And Aiden is blessed.

So I'll continue to pray for him and pray over him and strategically place people in his life who will help me steer him in the right direction. Towards greatness.

This is my charge.


  1. I love this and this is exactly how I feel about my two boys. I will do anything and everything to protect them. Since the trial I am also having issues with letting my son go out and play bball with his cousin alone. I hate to be negative about it all but I don't want to have to think about all the bad things in this crazy world that can happen when he is not in my sight.

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  3. We definitely have to pray with and over our children. This world is getting crazier and crazier by the minute. But at the end of day it is our charge to make sure we're shaping our children to be great and the we're surrounding them with the necessary people and tools to achieve their greatness.

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