Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Reads

Hey Lovelies!

Here are some good reads for this weeks link roundup.

Mom Finds has the best holiday cards as well as the best winter kids' gloves. So head on over to their website and prepare to be awed.

Looking for a yummy way to keep warm these days? Check out delicious soups for Fall from Shiny Brite. While you're at it, plan a trip to NYC Chinatown based on their recent adventure there.

Ad Hoc Mom talks about the difference between perceived parenting and real parenting... can I get an "Amen?"

NYC Single Mom talks about her struggle (and her daughter's struggle) to adjust to a new man in the house.... and gives an amazing review of the Best Pals Dolls.

As for reviews, Culture Mom tells us all about the Off-Broadway show, Stomp.

Enjoy your weekend!



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  2. What a nice way to plan a weekend. I am currently working as a Study Abroad consultant for United Kingdom and I am thinking about copying this pattern.


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