Monday, August 15, 2016

August Kingston, 8 Months Old

August is 8 months now and on the move, and, well, it's pretty much impossible to keep him still for longer than five seconds. Unless, of course, he's drifting off to sleep.

This babe is crawling everywhere. Everywhere! 

I mean, Aiden was content with staying in the living room. But August... homeboy crawls from the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen. No corner is off limits in this house. He's got things to do and places to go and he's not letting anyone stop him.

August and Aiden hanging out with Kyle O'Quinn of the NY Knicks

August Likes:

  • Crawling everywhere. Everywhere!
  • Pulling himself up to a standing position. All the time. Even in the middle of the night when this momma wants to sleep.
  • Cruising the furniture, especially from the couch to the ottoman and back again to the couch.
  • Pulling himself up to a standing position and pulling down all of the things. All. Of. The. Things!
  • Bath time and splashing the water. 
  • Drinking bath water. (Is that safe? Don't answer that!)
  • Kicking his legs and splashing around in the swimming pool. 
  • Climbing on Aiden whenever Aiden's sitting on the floor.
  • Making his way to Aiden's toys and trying to play with (read: eat) all of them.
  • Reading the book, "Robots, Robots, Everywhere." (I think he likes it because I make funny sounds when I'm reading it to him.)
August does not like:
  • The end of bath time.
  • Getting dressed after bath time. (Ask me how I know.)
  • When he's crawling around to get my attention, but I'm taking too long to acknowledge him. (And by "taking too long," I mean "taking longer than the 3-5 seconds than he would like me to take." #ImpatientBabies)
  • Whenever you take something away from him that he's about to put into his mouth (cellphones, books, the remote control, Aiden's basketball and soccer ball... the list goes on and on).

Next up: walking. And talking. 

Oh my gosh... time is flying! Make it stop!

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