Monday, July 11, 2016

August Kingston, 7 Months Old

What a difference a month makes!

August is officially a standing man! Well, he's more like a "pulling himself up on anything and everything" man, but still. This is new and I can't believe that he's growing so fast! (I know, I know... I say this every month. But, still.) I mean, I had to lower his crib this month!

He's not crawling yet, but he is getting around by scooting, rolling, and dragging himself to his desired destination. And he never stays in his designated area. It's pretty funny to witness. That said, we're really keeping a close eye on him these days because (1) I think he's gonna crawl any day now and I don't want to miss it, and (2) he's literally pulling himself up on every piece of furniture.

August likes:

  • Scooting, dragging himself, and rolling around.
  • His teething ring.
  • Drooling. A lot. 
  • Short, sporadic "yells" when he's trying to get someone's attention.
  • Panting to the tune of a dog when he gets excited (I can't make this stuff up.)
  • Sitting up as soon as he wakes up from a nap (which are still extremely short, by the way) as though he were never sleeping. It's like he's saying, "I'm up, I'm up! What'd I miss?"
  • Chewing on books.
August hates:
  • Being ignored... or folks taking too long to respond to him.
  • The sun in his face.
  • Whenever someone wipes the drool off of his face. 

At this rate, August is gonna be up and running with Aiden in no time. And I can't wait! 

Actually, I take that back. I can wait. I want him to grow into the great person he's gonna be, but umm, I still want him to be my baby. (I know... I'm cray!)


  1. He is one good looking little guy. My cousin's babies name is Kingston and I love the name.

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