Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Instilling Resilience and Perseverance in Kids with Netflix.com

"All you have to do is try."

"You gotta have grit."

"To win, all you have to do is get up one more time than you fell down."

These are just some of the quotes that are on the chalkboard wall right outside of Aiden's bedroom. He reads them on his own from time to time, I catch him reading them more often than he thinks I do, I remind him of what those words whenever he's feeling defeated by something or overwhelmed by a challenging task. 


Because I have tunnel vision when it comes to instilling resilience and perseverance in him. Because, while I'm bad at a lot of things, if it were not for my determination and grit, I would not have "made it," whatever that means. Because, honestly, I feel as though the willpower to "get back up again" is 90% of the battle. 

So I'm talking and teaching and talking some more. Trying -- hard -- to instill the value of persistence and perseverance in Aiden, amongst many other things.

It's no easy feat, but I try to use as many things as possible to remind him of why determination (to the tenth power) is important, especially when it helps him accomplish his goal. 

Thankfully programs like Netflix has kid-friendly movies and shows that teaches resilience as well. 

Marvel's Avengers Assemble
Not only does it have epic action scenes that any boy will love, it also shows how Iron Man persuades his fellow superheroes to reunite, combine their skills, and battle both longtime foes and deadly new villains. 

The Perfect Game
Based on a true story, this movie is the epitome of what it means to show true grit. It illustrates how a seemingly impossible dream of playing baseball for the United States becomes a reality for a group of impoverished young children from Mexico. Trust me on this, the road for them isn't the least bit easy, but as I said before, the willpower to "get back up again" is 90% of the battle. 

And that's exactly what the movie shows. 

{Disclaimer: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team Blogger Ambassador Program, this post is sponsored by Netflix. Thank you for supporting Mommy Delicious.}

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