Thursday, October 9, 2014

Speak Life

Every morning, when we get to Aiden's school building, before I let his hand go, I whisper into his ear.

I tell him that he's to go into the school, with his shoulders squared and head up. I tell him to be proud of who he is and what he has to offer to his school and to his classroom. I tell him to follow the teachers directions and be an example in his classroom. I tell him to try new things. Because we can deal with him failing and we can deal with him learning lessons. But not trying is just not acceptable.

I tell him to be kind and friendly and respectful to his peers.

I tell him to read.

I tell him to explore. And share his findings.

I tell him to pet Mr. Bunny, the class rabbit. He loves that thing.

I tell him to be great. Because he's destined for greatness. And he's destined to do amazing things in this world.

I speak life into him. I speak health and happiness and prosperity and good success into his life.

And then I give him a big hug and a big kiss, tell him that I love him, and send him on his way.

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