Monday, March 3, 2014

{Personal Style} And Then There Was Leopard Print

dress: Phillip Lim for Target | shoes: Aldo | necklace: Aldo, H&M

I was one of those folks who shopped the Phillip Lim for Target collection the first day it hit stores. (But not by standing in line for hours before the store opened up... I'm not about that life.) In addition to being super excited for the bags (I love the bags!), I had my eyes on the animal print knit leopard dress.

I originally thought I could pair the dress with a classic blazer and wear it to work, but since I bought the dress one size too small (an extra small instead of a small), the dress is tighter and shorter than I originally imagined. So... it ended up being a show-stopping, mini-dress that's screams perfection for a night out in New York City.

And that's exactly what it was this past weekend when I had dinner with friends in SoHo. Afterwards, we headed to a bar in the Financial District to celebrate the 30th birthday of two of our friends from college. 30th birthday. Damn... we're getting old-er

It was just like a mini-college reunion and I had such a great time drinking, laughing, dancing, and chatting-it-up with so many friends. I remember when we were in college, we'd talk about all the things we wanted to do in life once we graduated and grew up. And now, we're either doing those things or well on our way to doing those things. It's an amazing feeling.

And to be amongst educators, doctors, lawyers, business folk, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs is truly inspiring. They are quite literally the movers and the shakers and the doers of this world. They inspire me in so many ways and I feel really proud to call them my former classmates, my colleagues, and, most importantly, my friends.

The leopard print dress features side ruching, long sleeves, and a pencil skirt. It's cool, comfortable, and trendy, and I added the blue suede pumps (I can't get enough of those bad boys) for the perfect "pow" factor.

Love it!

Hope you guys have a fabulous week. Stay stylish! 


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  2. Love that dress. Still regret I didn't get it. Boo! Looks great on you, love!

    It does feel good when you are your friends are actually doing instead of dreaming.

  3. This print is just so fun! I'm bummed I missed this collection when it was in Targe'!!!!


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