Monday, May 13, 2013

{Personal Style} Pajama-Style Pants and Pink Pumps

pants: Target; shirt, spiked bracelets, stacked bracelets: H&M; peep-toe pumps, sequined clutch: Aldo shoes; necklace: Lia Sophia; lipstick: Rimmel London Berry Rose
I'll admit: I've been skeptical about the whole "pajama-style pants" trend since I first spotted a few celebrities rocking them. I even had a few what are these folks thinking? moments.

But, after awhile, the trend grew on me. I spotted these cute and comfortable black pajama-style pants a few weeks ago and they've been on my mind ever since. So I figured that I'd give them a try one special day.

Enter Mother's Day.

I spent the day with my little guy, which is exactly what I wanted to do, and rocked these pants the entire day. Love them!

The outfit came together really nicely when I paired the pants with a button down, crisp white shirt; a pink blazer; and pink, suede peep-toe pumps for a chic look.

In a nutshell, the day was perfect. To add to the perfection, I was featured in the New York Daily Newspaper!! In print (see below). And on their website (check the link!). As... wait for it... one of NYC's Most Stylish Moms.

Seriously, somebody pinch me.

Have a fabulous week everyone. Stay stylish!


  1. Love the pants! Congrats on the feature doll! That is awesome!

  2. Love a good track/pajama pant...comfy and chic! Congrats on the feature Ms. Stylish Mom and love the little one's hat!


  3. I love the outfit. I might need to snag some pajama pants! Congrats on your feature -- how amazing!


  4. Love the pop of pink with the black and white. Congrats on your feature! Awesome news. :-)

    Who is that girl Mo?

  5. You look great in the pajama pants - not sure if I could pull it off though! And congrats on your are indeed one stylish mom!

  6. That's awesome. Congrats!!!
    And you are rocking those pajama style pants. Makes me think...hmmm...maybe!

  7. You are who you are, girlie. No pinch needed!

    Those shoes are killer! Loving the whole look. I really had never considered trying this trend... it works!

  8. Love your outfit! So glad you enjoyed Mother's Day. Congrats on the mention in the paper!

  9. Love this look! And big congrats on the feature

  10. you are working that outfit and congrats on the exciting!!

  11. Congrats girl! Well deserved! Just look at you!!

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