Monday, October 11, 2010

Winners of the $50 American Express Card!

Hey Lovelies!

I totally should have known better than to promise to announce the winners of these fabulous gift cards on the same day that I had a 20-page paper due. I was so busy typing my life away... down to the last half-hour that the paper was due, that I did not have time to post the winners. Ugh, grad school.

Now tonight I've got to start (and finish!) a 4-page paper because it's due tomorrow. But writing 4 pages after busting my butt over 20 pages this past weekend seems like a piece of cake. And I love me some cake! Then, I've got another paper due in two days, a midterm next week, another midterm the following week, and a research paper due the week after that. Uh... how many more weeks till Winter Break?

Somewhere in there, I'll have to find the time to throw Aiden a 3rd birthday party (woohoo!) and find a Halloween costume. Halloween costume = the seriousness for me! But that was a total tangent...

And the winners are:



I will be sending you an email. Please provide me with the necessary information as soon as possible.



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